CreateLED xR Studio Solution

Large-scale, true immersion. The ultimate multi-person presentation solution.

Due to its stacking, hanging and curved installation options, the AirMAG-R 2.6mm Flip-chip COB LED panels offer flexible installation solutions. Through concave or convex curving a larger fleld of view and a more immersive experience can be created.

CreateLED's XR and ICVFX solution integrates ournext-gen flip-chip COB LED display with non-reflectivesurface combined with professional wireless cameratracking systems and world's faster media servers.Compatible with all professional real-time VFX platformsand interactive lighting systems, our solution deliversphotoreal virtual environments for use in film production,broadcast,commercial showrooms and more other applications.


AirMAG-R (flip-chip COB) is specially developed for use in the film industry and xR applications

Creating the canvas for virtual production is not just build LED screen but where the LED panel, processing, and camera work together, complement and strengthen each other to achieve real stunning results. AirMAG-R 2.6mm, based on flip chip COB technology, has proved itself to be the right product for the job, by virtue of its remarkable stability, unpaired physical resistance, as well as the consistent brilliant performance.

Magnet assisted assembly

LED protection through special design

Indoor use

AirMAG-R 2.6mm(filp-chip COB)

Product Details

Unparalleled Module Resistance

Flip chip COB encapsulation grants AirMAG-R great resistance against dust, moisture, static and bumps.

Stunning visual experience

Flip chip COB based AirMAG-R 2.6 embraces higher contrast ratio and color gamut when compared with traditional LEDs.

Superb on-camera performance

Flip chip COB paired up with higher scan rate and refresh rate achieves superior on-camera performance.

Impressive Panel Protection

Magnet-assisted assembly and smart lock system actualize panel protection during installation and removal.

Fast Convenient

Plug-In Connection applied between Cabinet and Holderto enhance connection reliability and cable saving.

Ebony Technology

Ebony-Tech and Optical Materials collaboratively support LED panel's duration, Effectively against Multiple Environmental Interferences, External Pressure and Friction.

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