VBD-LED TV Bezel-Free, Worries-Free Heat Dissipation,Lightweight design,Created for Large Scenes Presentation.

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Ultimate-Slim, Ultra-Wide Vision

• 2K/4K/8K Display

• Perfect Panel Splicing

• 16:9 Aspect Ratio


Application scenario

  • Flexible Size Options

    Can achieve 108 / 136 / 145 inch selection.

  • Giant screen HD display, showing a stunning visual feast

    With standard resolution and display ratio, static and high dynamic
    images are finely and non-destructively and naturally rendered.
    Low brightness, high gray, brightness and color temperature can be adjusted flexibly,
    Accurately restore the color of the picture in different indoor and outdoor
    light environments.

  • Convenient and user-friendly operation,
    Ultimate Visual Experience

    Ultimate Visual Experience,Let the Performance Speak TruColor Fidelity
    Technology High Contrast Ratio, Delicate Image Delivery

  • Lightweight Construction,
    Space control is more free

    Cabinet adopts aluminum alloy material with high precision and good heat dissipation.
    Support full front maintenance and installation, no need to reserve maintenance access, saving space.

  • Energy Saving, Ultra-low Power Consumption

    Energy saving and low consumption, stable operation 24 hours a day.
    The service life of single-mode group is more than 1,00000 hrs,
    with effective use of resources and low energy consumption design.

  • Low Radiation, No Eye Injury

    Special electro plating film is adopted to reduce radiation.

Product parameters

Physical Pitch (mm)0.83/1.25/1.661.25/1.56
Pixel Conguration

Flip-chip RGB LED

Flip-chip RGB LED

Panel Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm)400 × 450 × 49600 × 337.5 × 38.5
Contrast Ratio20,000 : 120,000 : 1
Brightness600-800 nits1,000 nits
Average Power Consumption38 - 63 w31.5 - 52.5 w

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