USA Sunset Spectacular

The innovative groundbreaking digital LED billboard media art tower merges architectural excellence with diverse public art and experiential programming to create an exciting never-seen-before visual experience on Sunset Blvd.

The project fabrication was made by Radius Displays International Ltd and Displays Devices Inc. Totally 7 different kinds of customized LED modules, and 53 different size customized LED panels were designed and manufactured by CreateLED. The west face features a 1,000 sqft digital screen and the east face include 500 sqft panel.
"We are honored to partner with Radius Displays International Ltd to bring international attention to digital signage we have worked so hard developing and producing." said Mr. Cheng, CEO of CreateLED.

The Sunset Spectacular is the first digital out-of-home media on the Sunset Strip in over ten years. The final proposal to defeat Gensler, TAIT Towers INC. and Zaha Hadid Architects, the winning design, titled "West Hollywood Belltower," draws from West Hollywood's unique history and relationship with the billboard, and completes the transition from graphic design to the real construction.