CreateLED's AirSPORT-M LED display is particularly made for stadium. The broad viewing angles, high contrast ratio, superior colour fidelity and mechanical accuracy of the AirSPORT-M range combine impeccably to form the ultimate high resolution perimeter sports LED display. AirSPORT-M is specifically designed to comply with all regulations laid down by the internationally recognized sporting bodies. Reliability is guaranteed by built in double power and data , making the AirSPORT-M the most stable perimeter system on the market.

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Ultra Performance Sports Display

• FIFA Stadium standard

• Broad Viewing Angle

• Quick to Install and Dismantle


Application scenario

  • 2017 The Bundesliga

    2017 The Bundesliga

  • African World Cup

    African World Cup

  • Up to 8,000 nits brightness

    Achieve the best effort in all weathers 8,000 nits brightness

  • High Environmental Resistance

    IP65 for front&back, anti-collision, ultraviolet-proof, dust-proof, etc.
    Comprehensive protection design assures the performance and stability.

  • Rapid Install&Maintenance

    Only two screw hole for front service.
    Tool-free for back service, pure manual.
    High integrated wires control&management.

  • Adjustable Screen Angle

    The screen angle can be adjusted between 0 ° ~ 30 ° to ensure the
    best viewing angle of the audience.

  • Minimalist Design,Feature-Jammed

    High resistant structure, brief&modular power box design.
    Thinner than industry average, more space saving.
    Support IR function.
    Maintenance friendly, fast onsite checkup.
    N+1 route support brings more power on display.

Product parameters

Physical Pitch(mm)810
Pixel Density15,625 pixels/m²
19,200 pixels/panel

10,000 pixels/m²
12,288 pixels/panel

LED Module Dimensions (mm)320× 320320× 320
Panel Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm)1280 × 960 × 931280 × 960 × 93
Physical Resolution of Module (W × H)40 × 4032 × 32
Physical Resolution of Panel (W × H)160 ×120128 ×96
Weight Per Panel(kg/panel)39.239.2
Processing14-16 bit14-16 bit
Colours281 trillion281 trillion
Contrast Ratio3,000 : 13,000 : 1
Average Power Consumption(w/panel)246246
Max Power Consumption(w/panel)820820
Refresh Rate3,840 - 7,680 Hz3,840 - 7,680 Hz
Horizontal Viewing Angle140°140°
Vertical Viewing Angle120°120°
Expected LED Lifetime (Max)100,000 Hrs100,000 Hrs
ServicingFront and BackFront and Back
IP Ratingfront IP 65 back IP 65
front IP 65 back IP 65

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