CreateLED's AirTV-Pro LED display is particularly suited to ultra-high definition (UHD) indoor applications. Positioning and locking integrated to make panels seamless and stitching simply and stably.The power supply is attached to the box shell through Thermal-conducting silicon, which has good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. Power and signal can be wired on all sides of the panel, which are easy to install and maintain.Internal S-shaped wiring method will save the number of main power cables, simple and beautiful.

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Ultra High Definition LED Display

• Higher Stability and Reliability

• Higher Contrast Ratio

• Excellent Thermal Management

• Wider View angle without Color Shift


Application scenario

  • 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

    2021 Shanghai Auto Show

  • Ping An building

    Ping An building

  • Large Viewing Angle and High Refresh Rate

    Accurately and truly restore the picture information, make the video picture
    delicate and smooth, and bring the best visual enjoyment.
    160 ° large viewing angle in the horizontal direction, the viewer can get
    a good display effect at any angle.

  • Superior Image Quality

    AirTV-Pro takes UHD image reproduction to a new level, retaining the high contrast ratios and high colour.

  • Efficient heat dissipation performance

    The power supply is attached to the box shell through Thermal-
    conducting silicon,efficient heat dissipation.

  • Aspect Ratio Friendly

    AirTV-Pro is designed with common aspect ratios in mind, making it
    the ideal product to retro fit into any traditional 16:9 or 4:3 LED video wall.

Product parameters

Physical Pitch(mm)1.251.561.87
Pixel Density640,000 pixels/m²
129,600 pixels/panel
409,600 pixels/m²
82,944 pixels/panel
284,444 pixels/m²
57,600 pixels/panel
LED Module Dimensions (mm)300 × 168.75300 × 168.75300 × 168.75
Panel Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm)600 × 337.5 × 38600 × 337.5 × 38600 × 337.5 × 38
Physical Resolution of Module (W × H)240 × 135192 × 108160 × 90
Physical Resolution of Panel (W × H)480 × 270384 × 216320 × 180
Weight Per Panel(kg/panel)555
Processing14-16 bit14-16 bit14-16 bit
Colours281 trillion281 trillion281 trillion
Contrast Ratio4,000 : 14,000 : 14,000 : 1
Average Power Consumption(w/panel)38 - 6338 - 6338 - 63
Max Power Consumption(w/panel)126126126
Refresh Rate 3,840 Hz3,840 Hz3,840 Hz
Horizontal Viewing Angle160°160°160°
Vertical Viewing Angle140°140°140°
Expected LED Lifetime (Max)100,000 Hrs100,000 Hrs100,000 Hrs
IP RatingIP30IP30IP30

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