CreateLED's AirMAGICBOX LED display is the industry pioneer in 3-dimensional indoor LED display systems. This unique "LEGO" like display can be built into any 3-dimensional cubic shape, thus providing endless creative possibilities. The omnidirectional viewing angle, high contrast ratio, superior colour fidelity and mechanical accuracy of the AirMAGICBOX range combine impeccably to form the ultimate 3-dimensional high resolution indoor LED display. AirMAGICBOX is used extensively in the retail centers, TV studio's, car shows, and entertainment industries and is available in a variety of pixel pitch options to suit all applications. AirMAGICBOX may be used for fixed or rental applications.

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Modular Cubic Display

• Variable Cube Designs Join,Stack or Hang

• Superior Colour Performance

• Create Interesting 3D Shapes


Application scenario

  • Brazilian SBT TV

    Brazilian SBT TV

  • Easy Installation,Easy Maintenance And Quiet

    Front serviceable,magnetic docking modules design allows easy maintenance.
    Fanless design ensures its whisper-quiet operation.

  • Create Interesting 3D Shapes

    The flexible modular cubic design allows the cubes to be arranged and
    configured to produce interesting 3 dimensional shapes, such as a
    Great-Wall or a Roman Pillar Railing.
    Simply build your 3D design and populate it with magnetic docking modules.

  • 360 ° full view viewing experience

    360 ° full view playback and magic cube display can obtain shocking visual effects when viewed from various angles.

Product parameters

Physical Pitch(mm)2.93.9
Pixel Density118,336 pixels/four side box
28,224 pixels/side
65,536 pixels/four side box
16,384 pixels/side
LED Module Dimensions (mm)250 × 250250 × 250
Panel Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm)503 × 503 × 516 (Four side box)503 × 503 × 516 (Four side box)
Physical Resolution of Module (W × H)84 × 8464 × 64
Physical Resolution of Panel (W × H)168 × 168/side128 × 128/side
Weight Per side6.8 kg/side6.8 kg/side
Processing16 bit16 bit
Colours281 trillion281 trillion
Contrast Ratio4,000 : 14,000 : 1
Average Power Consumption(w/panel)42 - 7042 - 70
Max Power Consumption(w/panel)140140
Brightness(nits)1,000 - 1,2001,000 - 1,200
Refresh Rate1,920 -3,840 Hz1,920 -3,840 Hz
Horizontal Viewing Angle160°160°
Vertical Viewing Angle160°160°
Expected LED Lifetime (Max)100,000 Hrs100,000 Hrs
IP RatingIP 30IP 30

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