With the first shot of the new year, the CreateLED ISE 2023 Barcelona Exhibition concluded perfectly!

With the first shot of the new year, the CreateLED ISE 2023 Barcelona Exhibition concluded perfectly!



On February 3, the 4-day ISE audio-visual integrated equipment exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, concluded successfully. During the exhibition, excellent enterprises from all over the world gathered here for in-depth exchanges and discussions, and jointly displayed the new technologies and products of the industry.


As an innovator and pioneer in the MicroLED display industry, CreateLED continued to promote the innovation and development of new technologies. During the exhibition, the most advanced technologies and products in the world were introduced by CreateLED, attracting the attention of many professional visitors.



Product display/ 2023.2.6


At this exhibition, CreateLED took the lead in launching MIP products, representing the current global top technology level of Mini LED large-screen direct display, marking that China's LED direct display industry once again took the lead in starting to a new application realm.

In addition to the newly launched MicroLED series products, CreateLED also brings many classic products: xR virtual shooting solution; All-in-One LED Display with extremely low temperature rise and super energy saving; Equipped with COB full inverted VBD-P series; And ultra-light and ultra-thin outdoor series that can adapt to various environments.




New Products - MIP

The new MIP products exhibited by Createled have two point spacing options, P 1.25 mm and P 2.6 mm, to meet different installation requirements. MIP (Micro LED in Package) is a new packaging architecture based on Micro LED. It is derived from the long-experienced flagship small-space display product and is an organic combination of Micro LED and discrete devices. In addition to cost advantages, productivity advantages and reliability, MIP also has the advantages of high brightness, low power consumption, strong compatibility, and mixable BIN to improve the consistency of luminous display, which will further open a new scene space for the innovative application of LED direct display products and comprehensively promote the upgrading of Micro LED manufacturing technology.


The new display can provide a smooth and natural picture with high resolution and no motion blur for the display content, and achieve impressive grayscale performance; Its bright spots of wide visual angle and wide color gamut further enrich the family of Createled LED products. The lightweight and streamlined design of the display screen can adapt to a variety of installation methods, including wall installation or curved surface arrangement, and can be widely used in various applications, including high-end enterprise conference rooms, exhibition halls, car design, museums, etc.


This display screen has excellent picture quality, flexible and expandable installation features, and can achieve excellent large-scale picture display accuracy. It can maintain the vivid display effect of the image when viewed in close and long distance. At the same time, it fully integrates the LED control technology developed by Chuangxian Optoelectronics and the award-winning signal processing technology to provide the audience with dynamic visual experience and faithfully and accurately display the shooting creativity of the content producer.


xR Virtual shooting

Looking around, Createled xR virtual shooting combination screen (AirMAG-R 2.6mm&AirFLOOR V1 2.6mm) plays a wonderful video of the opening of the spacecraft. The picture is clear, beautiful and eye-catching, attracting a large number of European customers to watch!


In the hot xR virtual shooting market, Createled has launched a studio production product based on the combination of AirMAG-R and AirFLOOR V1. Its naked 3D visual effect has also brought super visual impact on the scene. The product provides excellent technical support for virtual photography with lower reflectivity and nearly 180 degrees of visual angle. In fact, Createled xR virtual shooting LED display solution has high picture definition, wide viewing angle and realistic color; It has technical advantages in combating problems such as lack of image details such as moire pattern, scanning line, reflection and stitching; We can also customize creative LED display solutions for exhibition, film and television production, advertising media and scientific visualization through "8K ultra-high definition+naked eye 3D+human-computer interaction" to meet the application scenario needs of customers in different industries.


In 2021-2022 alone, Createled won dozens of xR virtual studio cooperation projects worldwide, with partners across five continents, becoming a high-quality supplier of new film and television production technology and solutions, advanced studio market, and virtual live broadcast market, and winning wide popularity in domestic and foreign markets.


All in one LED

At the ISE exhibition, the COB series conference all-in-one LED display VBD-P 1.56mm launched for the high-end market has won the favor and buy-back of the majority of old European customers, and exchanged opinions on the product on the spot.


Createled's VBD LED TV is a frameless, perfectly seamless display screen with unique performance of efficient heat dissipation, extreme lightness and high brightness. It has three sizes of 136/145/180 inches to choose from. It is specially created for large-scale scene display, covering new scenes such as digital signage application, conference interactive display application, smart teaching application, home large screen entertainment application, etc.


The full series of products adopt the full inverted COB process, which has better display effect, better flatness and stronger protective performance, and has a bright future in the exhibition. It can provide wide color gamut at the theater level and meet the DCI-P3 color gamut standard; At the same time, the contrast ratio is as high as 20000: 1, which improves the contrast between light and dark, and avoids the common distorted tone of traditional screen; HDR image thinning technology is supported, with brightness of 1000nit and vivid color; It also supports only gesture recognition and double-pen writing, with smooth writing and fast response, which has become a new demand force for high-performance display in the intelligent LED display market.



Createled VBD-P 1.56mm and VBD-P 0.78mm are based on the full-flip COB chip and adopt anti-reflection film and Black Seal technologies, so they have quite perfect performance in terms of color uniformity, contrast and high molding uniformity.


VBD-P LED display is a high-density integrated package LED display, which does not need to be reflow soldering to paste the lamp in the processing process, avoiding the gap between the lamp bead bracket and the epoxy resin caused by high temperature welding in the welding machine, and realizing double protection and double safety; With integrated packaging technology, the overall protection front protection of the luminous module reaches IP65 level, which is moisture-proof, dust-proof, corrosion-proof and anti-static. It is more stable than other SMD products, with longer service life and almost no maintenance.



The AirULTRA-R 1.9mm LED display on display is an ultra-high resolution outdoor LED display solution with adjustable brightness. 3840Hz high refresh rate, high color gamut, high contrast, improve your visual experience; The brightness of the panel can be adjusted, and it won't hurt your eyes when you watch it outdoors in the sun.


AirULTRA-R LED display adopts a new generation of die-cast aluminum box, which is more than 20% lighter than the traditional box, and is thinner and smoother. Combined with the unique Snap quick-lock panel system, it ensures the accurate and seamless splicing of the panel. The design of this series of panels takes into account the light and installation environment. The unique box protection angle can effectively prevent the module from bumping. It has strong anti-interference and is suitable for a variety of installation environments.


The high contrast, excellent color fidelity and mechanical precision of AirULTRA-R series are perfectly combined to form the final high-resolution outdoor LED display.



In general, the ISE 2023 exhibition, with xR virtual photography and all-in-one machine products as the leading products, and MIP technology as the highlight, the Mini/Micro LED classic products have been innovated again in terms of color, brightness, reliability, thinness, energy conservation, etc., greatly improving the product performance and service capability.


Createled always regards R&D and innovation as the focus and main line of enterprise growth, and insists on independent R&D, which has not slowed down in the special period of the past two or three years. At present, the number of intellectual property rights of Createled has reached 287+, and three high-value patents will be updated and added in 2022. It is precisely this innovative spirit that enables Createled to accelerate its rapid progress towards the goal of a world-class professional display enterprise.


This ISE audio-visual integrated equipment exhibition has ended,

But the pace of Createled has never stopped,

We will not relax the strict requirements on products and services.

Thank you again for your support,

Let's meet for the next exhibition!